Here’s the top 7 things a photographer hates hearing. For some photographers, there may be more, but here are the
ones that really feel like a slap in each of their faces, and you might not even realize it. So, if you want to be careful not to offend your photographer friends, you better keep this list in mind.

Top 7 – Can you give me a free photo shoot? It’ll help your portfoli

Okay, so this may not sound so bad to you. But what do the photographers hear? “I don’t think your services is worth that much, or anything at all.” Will you go to a five-star hotel saying, “Can I just pay you $10 for a room, or better yet, can I stay here for free?”

Top 6 – Why don’t you just Photoshop

How do the photographers hear this? “You don’t need to use your expertise,” “Forget your style” or for some, “Never mind work ethics.” Post-processing is the photographer’s prerogative.

Top 5 – My phone camera has more mega pixels than your camera

Okay, so some camera phones have amazing features of having X-number of mega pixels. At the end of the day, the reason why photographers still buy DSLRs, and not phone cameras is a phone camera cannot perform the features a DSLR can, in the same way that a DSLR cannot do things which a smartphone can.

Top 4 – My friend has a DSLR, I’ll get him/her for my wedding
And all the wedding photographers can say, “Sure, go ahead and see how your pictures will turn out!” Wedding photographers have the knowledge and expertise that your friend may not having because of the lack of experience to shooting wedding events. You won’t get to re-live this event, so hire a professional.

Top 3 – Anyone can do photography, how hard can it
At the end of the day, having a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, just like driving a car doesn’t automatically make you a
racecar driver.

Top 2 – $X for a one-day shoot, that’s too muc

When you say this, what do the photographers hear? “You work one day and slack around in the days before and after the event!” The misconception is it’s easy to shoot photos. While it is a fun job, hard work is actually involved. The work is seldom done in one day, because there are meetings and post-processing tasks to be completed. The photographers don’t just charge for one-day because they need to take into account the utility bills, the ROI on their gears and workshops, and paying their taxes.

Top 1 – Great shot! Your gear must be expensive
One of the most painful face-slaps, do you know how does this comment sound like to the photographer? “Without your great gear, because you have no talent and experience, your shot will turn out to be boring and ordinary. So it must be just the gear.” Ouch. Enough said.