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If you have spent any time In Buddhist countries like Thailand, Cambodia or Myanmar, or from Hindu countries such as India, you've probably noticed how often the lotus flower seems in temples, on artwork and in the culture overall.

For many from the west, however, The genuine significance of the lotus flower and why it appears so much in Buddhist and Hindu culture isn't well known. After all, in Christianity the lotus flower doesn't really have a meaning per se.

So What's the lotus Flower significance, and why is it so significant in Buddhism?

What is the significance of the lotus flower? -- In both Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus Flower is looked at as a sign of rebirth. Rebirth both in the literal sense when it has to do with reincarnation, and in the feeling of a soul becoming enlightened.

In certain sense, it is also Believed to be a symbol of purity.

This is why you will often See the blossom represented in artwork and in carvings in Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Historical significance -- It is not just Buddhists and Hindus that apply Significance into the lotus blossom. The blossom was also well known during early Egyptian times as the Egyptian god Horus was often depicted seated on a lotus bloom.

The same applies to Hinduism where, for thousands of years, several Hindu gods are painted holding lotus blossoms or standing within their flowers.

What's the lotus flower thought to be this pure? -- Interestingly, the flower is looked at as Being pure as, when it develops and the blossom opens up, while it could often be sitting in filthy water, the petals and the centre never touch it.

This Is the Reason both Buddhists And Hindus consider the flower as being a sign of the soul as, regardless of what Happens to a individual or the things they do, the soul itself always stays clean and pure.

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